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The exclusive book "The impossible becomes possible" authors Nina and Elena Vitrychenko, in two volumes, is distributed at the tournament.
This autobiographical book first came out in 2007 in Spain, and during the tournament «Vitry Cup Junior» in 2011 a second enlarged edition was presented. Both authors - the famous coach and bronze Olympic champion – mentioned that the purpose of writing the book was the desire to share their feelings associated with gymnastics. Nina and Elena Vitrychenko showed gymnastics from different views - the coach and gymnast, mother and daughter, and shared the emotions associated with the difficulties of trainings, the first performances, the first Olympic Games, etc.
The book describes the emergence of their love for gymnastics, the difficult but exciting journey from the basic trainings to the Olympic podium.

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The book is available in Russian and Spanish languages:

  • «Lo imposible se hace posible» Nina y Elena Vitrychenko / La traducción al español: Zinayida Pidluzhna
  • «Невозможное – возможно» Авторы: Нина и Елена Витриченко